IEM Model United Nations Conference 2018
16th, 17th, 18th september

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The Secretary General's Address

Susmit Sarkar

Emphasizing on the importance of international relations and politics, a subject that has gained huge prominence over the past few decades. What immediately comes to mind is a common saying that if the human race were to be wiped out over the next century, it would not be due to some epidemic or natural calamity, but because of foreign policy and international relations. It is imperative that each and every modern citizen equips himself or herself with the knowledge of international affairs. MUNs provide a wonderful platform for each and every individual to get hands on experience of very realistic simulations of international conferences and politics. The MUN culture has seen a very rapid growth in Kolkata and boasts of very strong roots from school level itself, with many young and talented school students hosting their own MUNs in addition to participating in college hosted MUNs.

I, as the Secretary General of the IEM MUN 2018, would like to take this opportunity to invite all of you to participate in our flagship event. We can assure you that you will be in for a treat this year as well as we promise to provide you with a very enriching experience.

We, the IEM MUN 2018, look forward to having you with us from the 16th to 17th September. The scorching summer heat has left us all yearning for something refreshing, something that piques our interest and fuels our excitement. And it is exactly such an event that we seek to host.

Susmit Sarkar,
Secretary General,
IEM MUN 2018.