June 4, 2018

In the month of July, 2010, the United Nations General Assembly had created UN Women for gender equality and the empowerment of women all across the globe. The committee specially draws our attention to spheres that are intrinsic to the equality of women. It emphasizes on an even balanced participation of women in all dimensions. A major focus is directed towards ending violence against women, their economic empowerment, bringing in sustainable growth agendas and including them in decision making about the assistance and protection they need. As far as access to education, employment opportunities, maternal health, reproductive health and rights, sanitation and other atrocities against the female sex are concerned, these still continue to be areas in need of progressive changes that can only be brought about by increasing awareness. We hope that the Delegates for this committee will be able to meticulously address the long standing problems in this genre and come up with viable solutions for the same.